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All About Forgotten Scans

-A document covering the basic need-to-know information about Forgotten Scans-

Part 1: About the document writer:

Hello! My name is Radioactivekitty (although some call me Jimmy), and I am the administrator and current group leader of Forgotten Scans. While I am not the most experienced individual that you will ever meet in scanlation, I like to think that I have, at least, a moderate amount of knowledge, understand, experience, and familiarity of the scanlation world. Although it took a while for me to become accustomed to this part of my life, I consider my work for Forgotten Scans a very important part of my daily duties. FoS is very important to me, and I hope it becomes important to you as well!

Part 2: A very brief history of Forgotten Scans:

Michael, the Founder of this group, used to be a member of Friendship Scans. Friendship Scans has a long history all it's own and I will not go into detail on their history. Michael's personal history with them is his own story to tell, but he eventually left the group on somewhat unfavorable terms. Regardless of how he left, some of the other FS staff members left with him at that time. While the timeframe is murky, this happened somewhere around April of 2013. In or around October of 2013, Forgotten Scans was officially formed from the 'renegade' members of Friendship Scans. Between the time frame of the founding of Forgotten Scans, and May 2014, Michael remained the admin, with approximately 3 co-admins/head staff. In May of 2014, Michael left the group to pursue other paths in life, and most importantly, focus on his studies. He appointed me as Admin and Group Leader, and I began to restructure the group.

Part 3: The Current Mission Statement of Forgotten Scans:

Currently, my goal is for Forgotten Scans to become a group more capable than it is right now. As it stands, we do have many active staff, and by becoming more capable, there is less work that those active staff have to do. In order to become 'capable', we must have frequent releases of the manga that we currently scanlate and we need to keep that rate going. In June of 2014, I tried to do this, by creating “Fast Pipes” and “Slow Pipes” to allow staff to choose how hard they were able to work, and work on the manga at the appropriate pace. That was an utter failure- we didn't have the staff to handle such an operation, and the staff, as expected, usually don't have the time to devote to the fast-pipe projects. Consequently, we had both pipes going at the same speed, making all that work fruitless. Not all was lost, however, and the essential structure remains, giving Forgotten Scans the edge in production and efficiency, if we have the potential to achieve our endgame plan. My mission is for staff to work at their own pace, and keep things rolling into an ever-better state of manga production. Not all projects need to be released fast, but the ones that do need the resources to get there. In order to get those resources, we have to have enough releases of the right manga to attract the attention of would-be fresh recruits. Essentially: efficiency+production = new staff = faster production = less work on all staff overall = better group situation, better group capability = large group with the power for massive projects and, overall, a higher ratio of work -to- happiness *however* such a goal MUST be balanced with staff happiness:

All staff need the folllowing:

  • The freedom, and resources to choose what speed he/she works at
  • The knowledge that you are not wasting your time for a project that would never be released (this is a particular issue for some groups, where releases of projects that are ready to be released never come, the policy that ensures that such a thing would never happen here is so important to FoS that it will be included in the new protocols list).
  • The benefit of being appreciated as a staff member, and not a person who is undervalued (here at FoS, I do my best to ensure that all staff are valued to the highest degree, and I expect others to do the same).
  • The ability to receive additional training and to become a more valuable asset to the group, should one wish to do so (I hope that all staff work to become more useful, provided that they have the time to receive training, and that a trainer is available to train trainees).
  • The stability that all groups need- reliable admins, capable project managers, competent staff, and a group free from severe internal conflicts and outside threat

There are other values that Forgotten Scans upholds, but I think keeping the list to 5 items is better than a super-long list for this particular document

In summary/endgame/short-run and long-run pursuits:

  • Make Forgotten Scans a group that has quality releases of manga at a consistent pace
  • Should the primary goal be achieved, the group should achieve higher visibility, resulting in more recruits
  • Should we get more recruits, we hope that the group grows in strength, which will allow us to share the project work among more staff, making things easier for everyone
  • Should things get easier, we hope that this will make everyone happy, and allow us to build on our quality of work, our perks for the staff (cooler banners, more gifts for the staff, more stuff in FoS in general, such as the long-discussed FOGUE magazine that never got published), and to make the group better as a whole. We don't really know what we would do, should the group get bigger, and should we become more popular. I am happy with where the group is at, but we have to have a goal for ourselves, lest we become complacent where we are, and lose ground on what we have worked so hard to build! If anyone has any thoughts about where the group needs to aim for, let me know, but I don't want Forgotten Scans to become a giant 'blob' of a group– where nobody knows one another, where nobody feels unique as a person. As Forgotten Scans is right now, I know virtually every staff member, and a little bit about them (or a lot), and they know at least a little about me (or a lot), and I am happy with that. It's like a small town. Should Forgotten Scans become a city, everyone is a stranger, and I don't think any of us are comfortable with that happening. Therefore, the goal is to become larger, but not too large, just larger than we are now. Large enough for there to be real departments, staff dedicated to those departments, and for us to focus more on quality, with speed as a given.

Best regards, Radioactivekitty


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